The weather for today in Harding Lake

Daytime temperature is -0.6°C. We can expect today only light rain, with no more than 0.5 mm precipitation.

On the night from today to sunday 14 April, the temperature will be -4.0°C.

Weak wind from West

The wind is coming today from West with a wind speed of 2 Bft or 8 km/h.

UV index of 2

The maximum UV strength is 2. With a low UV index (1 to 2), the sun shines mildly, but don't forget to protect yourself. Apply sunscreen with SPF 15 to prevent burning.

Weather details Harding Lake on 13 April 2024

today normal
Maximum temperature: -0.6°C 4.5°C
Wind chill: -2.9°C 4.5°C
Minimum temperature: -4.0°C -6.2°C
Rain: 0.5 mm 10 mm
Wind: W 2 Bft OZO 3 Bft
UV index: 2 2
SPF opinion: SPF 15+ SPF 15+

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Rain radar

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